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About Us

For centuries, people have been enjoying rice from around the world; Basmati from India and Pakistan, Jasmine from Thailand and Arborio from Italy. Now, all of these exquisite grains are grown proudly in the USA by Specialty Rice Inc. and sold under the Della brand.

What makes Della rice so unique, starts right in the fields, in some of the most fertile soils in America. Della is grown in the delta region of East Central Arkansas which is regarded as the finest area to grow rice in the United States due to the ideal weather and soil conditions. This unique area is especially favorable for aromatic rice which makes our basmati and jasmine rice more enjoyable.

When ready for harvest, Specialty Rice growers only harvest the rice when it’s fully matured ensuring high quality rice. This technique also allows the rice to dry further in the field which allows the mill to use less energy during the drying process.

Specialty Rice then stores the harvested rice until orders are placed from our customers. That means we mill to order, in small batches, which we call micro milling. This unique process ensures freshness, flavor and aroma. During all of these steps, we take every precaution to ensure quality is controlled and that each batch is completely traceable from our mill to your home.

Specialty Rice takes great pride in growing, milling and packaging Della rice.

Look for our quality assured symbol on packages of Della rice; our commitment to excellence on every bag.